Buying a Home Is Easy If You Work With a Realtor

Buying a Home Is Easy If You Work With a Realtor

Buying a Home Is Easy If you work with a real estate agent who is a Realtor. Some people think buying a home is as simple as:

Looking at houses online.
Finding something you can afford.
Signing some papers
But there’s so much more to it. Some of the things a real estate agent who is a Realtor helps you with include:
Realtors Help You Get Started:

Education client on home buying process and coordinate a plan.

Review buyer rep agreement, agree upon representation and negotiate compensation. 

Understand budget and explain what will be needed financially.

Search local MLS broker marketplaces to find best matches.

Serve as local housing market expert (e.g., price trends negotiation trends, community).

Arrange tours of homes and neighborhoods.

Decipher public property and tax information. Realtors Help You Find a Home

Research home information that aligns with buyers interests.
Prepare buyer to have the most attractive offer in the current marketplace
Coordinate professional home inspections, consultations with lenders and necessary property assessments.
Develop competitive offers and negotiate the best price and terms.
Represent clients best interest, advise throughout the negotiation process and close the deal.
Steward multiple parties and schedules to save buyer time.
Look beyond decor, flooring and paint colors to other significant aspects of home.

Realtors Help You Achieve Homeownership
Navigate state and federal forms
Research mortgage rates, terms and reputable lenders.
Coordinate with lenders.
Steward important contract deadlines.
Provide guidance for walk throughs prior to closing to ensure property condition.
Work with necessary parties to ensure all contractual terms are completed by closing.
Advocate for buyer throughout entire process and closing. 
Review buyers closing statement to ensure accuracy.
Provide information for everything needed to live in new home.
Ensure all required actions are complete in advance, so closing day is a celebration, rather than a stressor.
Remain a lifelong, trusted advisor!
Source: National Association of Realtors