Prepare A Virtual Showing

Prepare A Virtual Showing

9 Ways to Prepare for a Virtual Showing

Tomorrow’s market will likely be a mix of in-person and virtual showings. Here’s how you can make the best of your virtual showing.

1. Declutter. Clutter is a major distraction when buyers are viewing a home. You want them to focus on all the great features of the house, not look at the stack of mail cluttering the kitchen counter.

2. Depersonalize. Remove items like framed family photos and memorabilia. It’s hard for a buyer to picture living in the home if they see photos of you everywhere.

3. Remove all signs of your pet. In the same way that you should depersonalize, tuck away your pet’s toys, bowl and bed. Not everyone is a pet person.

4. Turn on lights and open doors. To minimize the surfaces your Realtor is touching, turn on all the lights and open all doors before your Realtor walks through to livestream or film your home.

5. Open blinds. Natural light is an essential when filming a home. Open the blinds and let as much light in as possible so the camera picks up all the beautiful details of each room.

6. Plan the route around the house. If you’re showing the home without a Realtor present, be sure to work with your agent to plan a clear route around the home that shows off each room and is clear of trip hazards.

7. Think about your prospective buyer. If your Realtor is doing the showing, be sure to tell them some personal stories or unique details about the home so they can relay it in the livestream or video.

8. Tackle outdoor spaces. Prune any overgrown landscaping, cut back tree branches and mow the lawn.

9. Clean up the front entrance. The walkway to your property and the front entrance are your home’s first impression. Power wash outside, touch up paint in the entryway and clear out any dirt and grime that has collected around the edges.

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