Projects before Selling A Home

Projects before Selling A Home

5 Most Recommended Projects Before Selling a Home Real estate experts and home staging professionals know the market and know what sells. They can tell you exactly what a home needs to increase the chances of attracting buyers. Here are the five projects they most recommend.

1. Professionally Declutter Decluttering a home will help make the space look larger and cleaner. Overcrowded rooms filled with furniture and tchotchkes can make it difficult for potential buyers to focus on the home’s potential and can often make rooms feel cramped.

2. Deep Home Cleaning Having a home cleaned by a professional prior to listing can provide a big impact. Having a clean home gives a good first impression and allows the buyer to have a pleasant experience viewing the home.

3. Repair Drywall Minor damage to drywall around the home can be repaired easily and give the home a fresh look. Having this type of damage highlights how much the home has been lived in, giving it an older appearance.

4. Repair Damaged Shingles First impressions are vital when selling a home, and curb appeal is a big part of that. A minor repair on a roof can have a significant impact on buyers.

5. Carpet Cleaning Have the carpets professionally cleaned to give the home a new lease on life, with the rooms smelling nice and looking fresh.