River Strand Home Search – Stay Safe

River Strand Home Search – Stay Safe

Hello River Strand!

We hope you are all staying healthy during these times. River Home Search remains dedicated to being your Go-To Realtors for any questions and to assure you we are committed to serving River Strand!

Regardless of the current situation, homes like this one continue to sell. This is great news! River Strand will remain a fantastic option for buyers but, like everything, real estate is changing. We are on top of providing the best tools to SELL your home SAFELY!

Our dedicated website, professional photos, video walk-through and access to floor plans are all part of our comprehensive marketing plan. Check out www.riverstrandhomesearch.com.

Viewing photos, video tours & floor plans BEFORE a showing is more important than ever. Then, before approving any showings, we will request that those agents are using the steps required by the state and CDC before they even step foot in your home with a potential buyer.

Are you out of state or the country? We can handle everything for you from here. Call us with any questions…we are here for you. Be safe & healthy River Strand!

Some Additional Information

Even with stay-at-home orders in place, there are still plenty of people buying and selling their homes, all while complying with the rules and safety protocols.

Real estate agents are marketing homes with video tours, and buyers are doing live video walk-throughs, getting the grand tour from sellers while flattening the curve.

Purchase contracts have been signed electronically for several years. Several states, including Florida, recently passed laws allowing online notarization, so closings are still occurring.

Appraisers now have homeowners take pictures with location-tracking apps to make sure the photos are from the correct house.

Of course, we are living in unique times, so special precautions should be taken. Contracts should allow additional time to make sure that inspections can occur and loans get approved.

With the extended times, the sellers should be able to take back-up offers to protect themselves in case the first buyer falls through. If you live in a condominium, you should make sure that your board is conducting interviews, for which many are using videoconference software.

Excellent communication is always essential, but right now, it is crucial. One of the byproducts of our current crisis is that many tasks take longer and more complicated to complete. It helps if everyone is on the same page and stays that way throughout the transaction.

If a problem pops up, and at least one is likely to, it is much easier to solve if everyone is informed early and works together to get past it.

Some sellers may want to pull their home off the market, and some prospective sellers may think it best to wait for COVID-19 pandemic restrictions to fade.

But a growing number of real estate professionals are asking their sellers to rethink that decision, even in hard-hit areas, such as New York City.

Real estate professionals told Forbes.com that they’re seeing unprecedented traffic for the homes that they currently have listed. With housing inventory low, sellers can now get even more attention for their homes than in traditional spring markets where competition can be stronger.

Meanwhile, listing views online are reportedly on the rise, and video tours are growing in popularity as buyers want to view properties for sale.

Potential buyers may also have more time to browse listings online, Barbara Fox, president of Fox Residential, says. “I think we will see a pent-up demand from buyers who were poised to move before the pandemic and still need to move ahead with their plans,” Fox says. “Many buyers are going to look at this as a good buying opportunity, and sellers should keep their properties prominently in front of them.”

Fox isn’t advising her sellers to lower their price either.

“Many prices were reduced before this happened, and as activity resumes, there will be bargain hunters,” Fox says. “But as activity intensifies, as was happening prior to the pandemic, we will see prices firming up.”

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