Selling a Home Is Easy  If You Work With a Realtor

Selling a Home Is Easy If You Work With a Realtor

Selling a Home Is Easy!
If You Work With a Real Estate Agent Who Is a Realtor
Some people think selling a home is as simple as: 
Put a sign in your yard
Let other real estate agents know
Patiently wait
But theres so much more to it.
Some of the things a real estate agent who is a Realtor helps you with include:
Research sales activity for past 18 months from local broker marketplaces and public records databases.
Guide on best market pricing position based on current market.
Perform exterior curb appeal assessment.
Address important topics such as odors, clutter, cleanliness, decor neutralization and more.
Listing – Create detailed list of property amenities.
Develop and execute marketing plan.
Coordinate showings with seller and other agents
Pull data to compare offers.
Create plan for pricing strategies accounting for local market conditions.
Promptly enter price changes on local broker marketplace listing database.
Prepare contract for buyer.
Communicate weekly with activity, showings of homes that compete and market movement.
Follow up with each buyer and agent with timeliness and kindness.
Have a strong market reputation where agents want to show your home.
Continue to audit the home to make sure its market ready.
Negotiate all offers.
Help coordinate and review appraisal.
Audit itemized list of all cost components seller and buyer are to pay.
Protect trust/earnest money through process.
Ensure transaction is flowing to avoid unexpected complications.
Ensure smooth transition with utilities, final-walk-throughs, inspection repairs and other tasks.
Coordinate closing process with buyers agent, lender and closing company.
Explain technicalities in the final contract.
Source: National Association of Realtors