Top 10 Home Trends – 2021

Top 10 Home Trends – 2021

These top 10 trends will not only add comfort but might even add extra value to your home.

1. Zoom Room: A Zillow survey found a desire for a home with a dedicated office tops the list of reasons why Americans working from home say they would consider a move if they were to continue working remotely at least occasionally.

2. HOMECATION AMENITIES:  Pool was the top Zillow keyword search term in 2020. Waterfront and dock also landed in the top 10. Additionally, homeowners want to create a luxury experience at home, upgrading to a spa-like bathtub or a relaxing rain shower.

3. INTERGENERATIONAL LIVING: According to Generations United, about one in six Americans currently have multigenerational households. In 2020, the share of young people moving back home reached all-time highs as millennials and Gen Z particularly renters moved in with their parents.

4. GOURMET KITCHENS: With stay-at-home orders, many brushed up on their culinary skills, which has spawned a desire for gourmet kitchens.

5. BACKYARD OASIS: A Zillow survey from a Harris Poll found that 41% of people say they value a large outdoor space as a result of social distancing recommendations.

6. SMART AND SAFE TECH: With a desire to lessen the number of germs in the home, buyers are increasingly looking for items like touchless appliances and faucets, self-cleaning toilets and more.

7. SMALL CITY LIVING: With more opportunities for working remotely, buyers are looking into smaller, more affordable communities and open spaces.

8. HEALTH AND WELLNESS AREAS: If you don't feel safe going to a gym, having an area in your home dedicated to your health and wellness is ideal. 

Pet adoptions increased in 2020, so homebuyers and renters are looking for more pet-friendly features, such as a pet shower or dog wash area.

10. NEW CONSTRUCTION: More than a quarter of buyers who bought a new-construction home did so to customize home features, while 37% chose new construction because 
everything in the home was new and never used, according to a 2020 Zillow survey.